• Mental health support 

  • Focus on adult and youth

  • Assistance for people with disabilities 

  • Enhancing independence through education and therapy

  • Animal assisted therapy

  • Virtual Reality available 

  • LGBTI friendly 


Huddy Pics.HEIC

Having a mental health diagnosis can have a profound effect on a person and they may need assistance in regaining self esteem, managing anxiety and depression, developing an early intervention plan for psychosis or taking positive steps to returning to work. We have the support required to give you the best chance at achieving your goals. 

We understand that not everyone is built the same, and we are able to assist people with disabilities to improve tasks such as fine motor skills, social skills, sequencing and everyday activities such as dressing, hygiene and self care. Having a dog present and involved in activities makes this more enjoyable and motivating. 

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Virtual Reality

This is a game changer! Being able to practice being in situations from the comfort of your own home enables you to feel prepared and ready to face any challenge that lie ahead. 

By using this approach, you can have an immersive experience with authentic therapy specific software which is designed to assist you with resilience and being able to overcome your fears and anxieties. It provides us with an opportunity to implement strategies before you are in the situation. 



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