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Occupational therapy (OT) is a very diverse approach to therapy, where the main aim is to assist a person to overcome their barriers, enabling them to remain or to become functional. 

'But isn't OT just like physio?' No. Physios and OTs can implement some similar therapies, however physios will teach a person how to walk again whereas an OT will teach a person how to use their body in a functional and purposeful way such as being able to pick up a cup, being able to wash their own hair or to dress themselves. 

OTs can also help you to access the community if you have anxiety, they can help you to catch a bus if you don't have the confidence and also budget if you aren't very good with finances. 

OTs can also help you to stay safe in your home if you are concerned about falling and injuring yourself or if your memory isn't the best. 

If there is something that we can't do, we will refer you to the appropriate service. 

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