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Why is it so difficult to take responsibility for your actions?

From a small child we are taught to own up to what we have done by our parents or guardians. Younger children will often try to blame a sibling or simply deny that they did it in the first place. But why is it becoming more and more common for people as adults to deny responsibility for something they were clearly either responsible for it or that they were a part of it? When did it become acceptable in society to create a mess and then be able to walk away from it without having any part in the clean up?

The answer is that it actually takes a STRONGER person to admit they were wrong and to apologise accordingly and to help to repair any damage caused. It takes a STRONGER person to put themselves in another person's position and to feel empathy. It is easier for a person to walk away with their hands in the air claiming that they had no part in the event.

Being able to admit that we were wrong about something allows us to be able to let go of any stress or baggage we are carrying around with us. If we can become less defensive and are more open to conversation, we can build better relationships and become more approachable.

By standing firm of the opinion that you had no involvement in anyway in something that has caused hurt or destruction, you become anxious and defensive, wondering when the next attack will arrive because it is not over for you. The only way to really let something go is to admit to your part in it and accept that what has happened cannot be undone but learn from your mistakes. Mistakes and failings happen to ensure that we can become better people and ensure that we can move on to make our lives better. Everyone makes mistakes as the old saying goes and those people who claim they never make mistakes, often make the most. If we do not learn from our mistakes, we simply cannot move forward.

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Lauren very well written and i have actually read this twice and i am learning some of the stuff that you have written down . krystle

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